Our Google Map With 5 Great Amsterdam Cheese Shops

A google map with five great Amsterdam cheese shops in Amsterdam

Avoid Tourist Traps

This map allows you to avoid tourist trap cheese shops. Honestly, if you visit one and buy your cheese there, there are greater tragedies in the world. Also, you’re an innocent visitor to Dutch shores and the cheese might taste perfectly good to you. 

Still though, Amsterdam is a small city and if you’re in a tourist cheese shop, you’re also just a few minutes from a proper cheese shop – one that Amsterdammers would go to.

For the record, the name of the two most common tourist cheese shops (each with multiple branches) are: Henri Willig and Amsterdam Cheese Company.

The 5 Cheese Shops On Our Map

There are more than five great cheese shops in Amsterdam. Our map is not comprehensive, it merely shows you five of the best that are spread out strategically around the city so one should be convenient to you.
If you manage a good cheese shop that is not featured on our map, feel free to drop us a line. We will rotate in and out other local establishments. Email: rory @ dutchcheesetasting dot com.

Or Just Come To One Of Our Cheese Tastings

Or… if you want to eat cheese in Amsterdam as opposed to buying it to bring home, then book one of our tastings. We have the best organic Dutch cheese, a fun, social setting and you’ll learn a thing or two about the Dutch.