The Edam Cheese Market

The Edam Cheese Market Should You Go? A view of Edam A Re-Enactment, Just Like The Alkmaar & Gouda Markets The Edam cheese market is an olde-timey re-enactment, just like the ones in Alkmaar and Gouda. However, the Edam one is smaller. Edam itself is an absolutely lovely town and you can easily catch a […]

5 Great Amsterdam Cheese Shops

5 Great Amsterdam Cheese Shops Oh no! A listicle! Oh no, a listicle! Well, Amsterdam has more than five great cheese shops, but you don’t really need to know and each and every one of them, so for now I comply with the dictates of the internet! The following are indeed great establishments, and they […]

The Amsterdam Cheese Map

A google map with five great Amsterdam cheese shops in Amsterdam

This map highlights five great local cheese shops in Amsterdam. It won’t be the end of the world if you stumble into a tourist cheese shop. But at the same time, with this local info they’re also easy to avoid.

The Alkmaar Cheese Market

The Alkmaar cheese market

The Alkmaar Cheese Market is quite famous. However, you should know that it is a re-enactment of an old market. It’s quite hokey.

The Amsterdam Picnic Experience

Cheese Picnic In Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Cheese Picnic: A How-To Guide One of our cheese picnics Perhaps a picnic evokes old memories of cheap family outings. In Amsterdam, it’s normal to bring a picnic to one of its lovely parks and it’s usually done in a casual way: Friends sharing a bottle of wine or beers on a pleasant […]