The Edam Cheese Market

Should You Go?

A bridge in Edam
A view of Edam

A Re-Enactment, Just Like The Alkmaar & Gouda Markets

The Edam cheese market is an olde-timey re-enactment, just like the ones in Alkmaar and Gouda. However, the Edam one is smaller. Edam itself is an absolutely lovely town and you can easily catch a bus there from Amsterdam.

My recommendation would actually be to skip going there on the day of the cheese market – it will be too crowded. Go there on a quieter day and you’ll enjoy more peaceful cafes and it’s a perfect town to take a stroll through.

How To Reach Edam From Amsterdam

Head to Amsterdam Centraal and catch a bus to Edam. Centraal is mainly known as a train station, but there is a bus depot at the back of it (but still considered part of the station).

Take bus 314 or 316. Bus 314 is better as it’s more direct. The cost for both legs will be less than €10.

What To Expect In Edam

If you go on market day, expect a lot of other tourists!

If you go on a different day, expect an idyllic town. The architecture is largely from the 16th and 17th Centuries. There’s a nice central square and a few other commercial-ish streets, but it’s also residential (but with olde-timey houses).

Simply take a stroll, and discover a cafe you like. The town is too small to get lost in. In summer, the town does attract tourists, however, it’s by no means overkill.

Another view of Edam