Frequently Asked Kaastions

Frequently Asked Kaastions

Frequently Asked Kaastions

A lot. For most people this event will take the place of dinner.

Officially there’s 250g of cheese per person. Most people don’t eat all that, and a few hungry souls eat a bit more. We also have bread, nuts, dips, and, of course, drinks.

There will be plenty of wine, but we don’t discuss the wine in as much detail as the cheese. We simply enjoy it. So, technically, no.

You’re definitely welcome, but to be honest, there are probably better options for for you.

Well, we won’t force you. But it can be nice, y’know?

Yes. Apart from the beer. For Your Taste Only (the shop where the tasting happens) sells only organic products.

It doesn’t sell beer, so we buy this specially for those who want a beer option.

We serve one of the classic Dutch pilsners such as Brand, Hertog Jan, or Grolsch. We do not serve Heineken.

Yes, we will sell you cheese. No, we will not rip you off like some of the tourist cheese shops around town.